Small Claims

Small Claims Defense Attorney

If you have been served papers to appear in small claims court, you may feel like you are all alone in your pursuit of justice. It doesn’t have to be this way as a small claims defense attorney can help you prepare for your day in court and be by your side for the proceedings.
In Puerto Rico, small claims awards can be as high as $5000 with unlimited amounts for torts, contract suits, and property suits. This is a significant settlement to be stuck with if you lose your case. A small claims defense attorney can help defend your side of the events that occurred, so you aren’t left with a hefty settlement to pay. They are familiar with the court proceedings and can make sure every point of your case is presented. This can work to poke holes in the plaintiff’s case as they have the burden of showing proof that they were wronged.

Preparing Your Defense

In the Puerto Rico District Court, you are allowed to have an attorney by your side in small claims court. This can work to your advantage as you will have a stronger case that takes into account all aspects of your version of the events that occurred.
Keep in mind that you may be arguing your defense against another attorney and you need solid legal guidance to ensure you get the most of your opportunity to speak in court. While you may be fully aware that you need to gather evidence to support your claims, a small claims defense attorney will have the experience that is necessary to make sure you have the right kind of evidence that supports your claims and discredits the plaintiff’s argument.
Attorneys can work with you to gather:
• Signed contracts
• Receipts of transactions
• Letters between parties
• Photographs or images
• Checks or fund transactions
• Witnesses to the events
• Experts to testify
• Other documentation
All this information can prove to be valuable in fighting the suit against you and work to discredit the plaintiff’s case.

Small Claims Court Options

With the help of a small claims defense attorney, you will be able to make sure you have filed the correct response to the judgment against you. You do have options when it comes to being sued in small claims court.
• Out of court settlements: You may choose to settle the case out of court. A lawyer can walk you to through the process to do so and will be able to facilitate the settlement agreement between you and another party. This can eliminate the need to go to court as both parties are able to agree on a settlement amount to resolve the case.
• Court cases: You may also choose to defend yourself against the claims that are being presented against you. In this instance, a small claims defense attorney will be able to file the necessary paperwork to respond to the claims so you can have your day in court in front of a judge.
• Counterclaims: Depending on the circumstances of your suit, you may want to file a counterclaim against the plaintiff. You can work directly with an attorney to file these charges against the other party. This can be arranged to be heard the same day as your initial hearing, making it possible to resolve the suit in one court date.

Heading to Court

If you are able to come to a settlement agreement with the plaintiff, the suit will move forward to small claims court. Here, it will be heard before a judge that will make a decision on which party is to win. With the assistance of a small claims defense attorney, you can confidently present your case as you will have the necessary elements to effectively show evidence of your claims.
A small claims defense attorney can also handle all the proceedings in dealing with the judge and presenting your evidence. They will be accustomed to having an introductory statement and not be clouded by emotion which is often the case of parties that look to defend themselves. They also know the letter of the law and can showcase your argument according to legal expectations.
Working with a small claims defense attorney can allow your argument to be heard in a concise and clear manner, so you can fight the claims against you. If you are a party to a small claims suit, you need the experience of a small claims defense attorney to help you with your case. Contact one of our qualified Puerto Rico small claims defense lawyers for assistance in your argument.