Social Security Disability Benefits

Do You Need Disability Benefits?

If you suffer from a disability, you may be eligible for benefits from Social Security. Having a disability can mean you can’t work and are having a hard time making ends meet. With the average Social Security benefits in Puerto Rico totaling $921.20 a month, this can help ease your stress when it comes to paying medical bills, housing, and food.
While Social Security disability benefits can be notoriously hard to obtain, a disability attorney can help you navigate the process and get you the compensation you deserve. With as little as 2 percent of the population of Puerto Rico receiving disability benefits through Social Security, it makes sense that you would increase your chances with the help of a disability lawyer.
As many as 70 percent of submissions for disability benefits get denied each year, and you want to make sure you aren’t one of them. It can be easy to file for disability coverage with Social Security Administration, but your odds significantly decrease if you don’t have the proper information to prove your disability and its limitations.
You will need to prove that you are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) by providing evidence that you are permanently disabled for at least one year. In the event of SSI coverage, you will also be eligible for Medicare and housing assistance through subsidized programs.

Disability Filing Process

With Puerto Rico taking up to two years to begin paying disability benefits to individuals, it is key to file as soon as possible to get on the list of approved applicants. The first stage that needs to be completed with the Puerto Rico Social Security Administration can take as long as three to four months to complete. It is often at this stage that applicants get denied. Here, is where a disability lawyer can help.
If your disability claim is denied in the first stage of processing, you may have an appeal hearing to revisit your claims. This is the Reconsideration Appeal, and it can take another three to four months to complete. You will need to prove your disability claims, and a lawyer can help you with gathering evidence for your case to present at the hearing.
If your case is denied again, you have the opportunity to go before an administrative law judge for a disability hearing. This can take up to 550 days just to schedule, dragging the entire process out even longer. A disability attorney can help move the process along and ensure you get a fair hearing for your case.

Hiring A Disability Attorney

While there is no way to circumvent the appeal process if your disability claim gets denied, a qualified attorney can make sure that you present your case in the best possible way during your appeal. This can help ensure your appeal is approved during the first hearing, so you don’t have to wait the long delay for a second hearing.
They can make sure your case is properly argued and that you have accurate evidence to support your claims. With only a few chances to get your disability claim approved, a disability lawyer can help make sure you take full advantages of these opportunities before you.
It may seem difficult to wade through the legal process to finally receive disability coverage, but applying now can help get you closer to obtaining coverage. A disability attorney can help you with the process and be there to answer your questions regarding disability coverage. They will also be able to gather the necessary medical documentation to support your case and advise you on the extent of your disability and what it means for coverage under the law.
It can be an arduous process to obtain disability coverage in Puerto Rico, but that does not mean you should forego the opportunity for benefits. Allow a disability attorney to help guide you on the process and ensure you get approved by the Puerto Rico Social Security Administration. Hearings are too important of an event to take lightly, and you need to make sure that you are able to present the fast of your claims clearly. A disability lawyer will be able to represent you in a hearing and give you the legal counsel you need to get through the lengthy application process.
If you are disabled and can’t work, you may qualify for disability benefits. A Puerto Rico disability lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and help you to get approved for coverage. Contact a Puerto Rico disability attorney today!