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The Puerto Rico Legal project (PRLP), a 501c3 Charity, was started in 2017 to serve those in the more underprivileged and poor areas of the US Territory Island of Puerto Rico.  PRLP’s initial and continuing vision is to provide legal access to all people regardless of their financial means.

As we all know in late 2017 Hurricane Maria ravaged the island and caused catastrophic damage to the infrastructure of Puerto Rico.  The board of PRLP felt moved to add to its founding charter to help provide Emergency Aid and Social Services to its vision and went on to raise over $100,000 that was used to bring supplies to Puerto Rico’s hardest hit areas.  In addition, through PRLP’s Legal clinics 100s of island residents were assisted with FEMA aid claims and Insurance resolution assistance. 

In 2018 as the Hurricane season ramped up PRLP felt moved to expand even further its social services Emergency Response into the mainland United States delivering aid, volunteers and rescue workers to North Carolina during hurricane Florence and aid and volunteers to the Florida Pan Handle after Hurricane Michael.  PRLP was one of a handful of organizations awarded certification to raise private funds by the State of Florida for the response to Hurricane Michael and maintains the ability to fundraise for other social services and Emergency Response work.

The difference between PRLP and other relief organizations is that a member of the board is at every aid delivery to make sure that it got to the people who need it most. Also, PRLP does not use any donations for operational costs so 100% of donations goes directly to the food, water and other urgently needed supplies.

The PRLP Emergency Response Team has become known for its prompt response to emergency situations around the island of Puerto Rico and throughout the Southeastern United States and has been featured in numerous news stories, radio interviews and news articles. Some links are below:

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